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How to crack NEET in 30 days?

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NEET exam is to be conducted on September 12 and with less than one month remaining, students are putting all their efforts to go through the syllabus again. As the time passes, what matters more is to follow the right strategies for revision by complimenting hard work with smart work. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and one should plan their time accordingly. However, there are some important things that all students should keep in mind while making their study plan. 

Practice Mocks regularly: This is one of the most important things to do during the last month of NEET preparation. Practicing mock test papers helps in eliminating the mistakes that students generally make during the exam. It also helps in identifying the topics that need more revision and helps in preparing for the real exam time mindset. Students can choose either full syllabus or part syllabus mock test as per their convenience but necessarily solve some full syllabus mock tests.

Use Self-Made Notes: Students are advised to not run after newer books during the last month but focus on the same notes that you have studied many times in the past. These notes are more understandable and help in saving time during the revision. Also, the short-notes notebook or the formula book that you prepared earlier can be helpful in these times. If you had not made proper notes during the early days, only then follow any other reference book but don’t go for too many books.

Topic-wise Strategy: Students should be well aware of the topics which have been frequently asked in the previous years exam. More time should be given to the heavily weighted topics and practice more questions if you find yourself weak in any such area. Trying to cover the whole syllabus in depth may be very difficult now and even not the right strategy, so priorities should be very clear in the minds of students.

Stay away from distraction: It is advised to keep yourself away from distractions like movies, social media and whatever takes too much of your time. Students are required to master their time management skills and have maximum self awareness at this time. Keep yourself motivated and put all energies in one direction. This last month is one of the most important times of your whole preparation journey and has to be dealt in a similar way.

No Overthinking: Feeling stressed few days before the exam is something that is commonly found in students. Though it is good up to a certain level but if it breaches a certain limit, it can seriously hamper your studies and ruin all your efforts in preparing for exam. Students should try to avoid falling into this and keep themselves happy about the hardwork they have put in this journey of NEET preparation. It is advised to focus on achieving your micro-goals and instill a feeling of self-confidence.

Apart from this, students are encouraged to spend some leisure time to keep themselves charged. Take regular breaks and also keep yourself healthy. You can not afford to fall ill at this moment of life. One month is sufficient time to hone your strengths and improve your weaknesses. We wish you all the best for NEET examination.

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