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How can one clear backlog during JEE preparation

If you are preparing for JEE Main or Advanced and have backlogs, this blog is for you. Below is the list of some of the ways of covering the backlog. It becomes too tough to cover backlog if you don’t have proper guidance.

If you have a backlog of another topic and the ongoing prep topics are different then you won’t be able to focus on any one. So, it is better to follow or concentrate on what is going on in the present rather than trying to study everything at once. Doing so will only increase your backlog, and you will regret it later.

If you have backlog in two subjects or every subject, so don’t ever try to cover backlog of every topic in one day. Instead make a study schedule such that you can devote 2- 3 hours daily to different subjects. Or you may devote equal time to every subject for clearing backlog. Basically, divide your time for different purposes in time table.

Look if you think that in few days you can cover the whole backlog then it’s totally unrealistic, you will need some time. It may take few days, or weeks or even month but it depends on the fact that on how much backlog you have. So, if it takes time so don’t lose hope, have patience and make effort to cover backlog.

Generally, group studies are the best way to clear your doubt and widen your knowledge. But if others have covered more chapters or topics then you will feel dejected and left out. So, it’s better to avoid group studies till you have backlog. Once backlog gets covered then you can continue your group studies.

If you are going through theories for backlog topics then it’s best to make short notes while reading them, it will save your time and help you in revision. After covering backlog chapter, test yourself and analyze yourself such that you may know your progress. 

Once you have covered all the topics including backlogs then you can take mock tests for JEE main and JEE Advanced. Mock test helps to boost one’s confidence as these test papers are based on latest exam guidelines, syllabus and pattern. Practice previous year question papers, work on weaker areas. While solving previous year question paper or any test paper sit with a timer and try to finish the paper in less time as compared to previous attempt. Learn time management skills. It’s true that covering backlog is quite tough along with ongoing topics, but if you do hard work and smart work and make a balance then it will become easy to cover backlog. 

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