HoDs and Faculty

A team of passionate IITians who have set out to reinvent the Gurukul system online. They know what it takes to realize a dream and that is what motivates them every day to come out and help students through their experience & revolutionary teaching style.

10+ years of teaching experience for JEE, A Classical Musician, Football coach and was the best athlete in Inter-IIT competitions. He brings the learnings from Music and Athletics in his teaching and mentoring process to make it more effective and personalized.
Shival Kathe
Co-Founder, HoD Mathematics
IIT-Delhi (2008)
10+ years of teaching experience for JEE and NEET. He is an author of a book on Objective Physics for NEET. He believes in continuously mentoring and encouraging students along with the teaching and learning process.
Gaurav Prakash
Co-Founder, HoD Physics
B.Tech, IIT-Delhi (2007)
Himanshu Mamtani holds a Bachelors & Masters degree from IIT Kanpur and has 7+ years of experience in teaching Chemistry for JEE and NEET preparation. He has a passion for helping students in achieving their dreams.
Himanshu Mamtani
HoD Chemistry
IIT Kanpur (2014)