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College life of first year engineering student

Life of a first year undergraduate engineering student is not as clumsy as we are told in coaching institutes and schools. I still remember when I was in kota, my teacher used to tell us ” Beta bas ye 2 saal mehnat kar lo ” after that your life will be very cool, in college you will not be under pressure of study at all. I even agree with my teacher as  one thing engineering institutes ensure for all of us is that we get placed with a decent package if we study consistently. It is also true that most of the private colleges don’t even have their working placement cell to help their students in placement. Your future life will only be cool if you are in some of tier 1 or tier 2 cities prestigious colleges. So here we are talking about the life of first year engineering students. I will cover two aspects, one is academic and the other is exposure to the outside world.

Academic life of first year student

As per academic syllabus, all of the branch students have a common syllabus in the first semester and most of the syllabus is just expansion of 11th and 12th so you will not have any such issue in that. During your second semester you will be studying your branch specific subjects. 

Exams and Test – You will have one mid semester exam and one end semester exam, other than this you may have surprise or regular weekly class tests. In each subject you will have to make one or two assignments also.

Exposure which you get as a first year student.

As your session starts you will be having one fresher meet organised by your seniors to welcome you on the campus. You will get to interact with students having different skills and mindsets. Various institutes organise their annual fest where they invite their famous alumni and other trending individuals in their respective field so that students can get to learn from them.

You will be hanging out with your friends, making unforgettable memories with them to cherish it forever. You will get a chance to follow or work on your interest by joining various societies and clubs functioning in your college. 

These all are the things you can cherish during your first year. All the best.

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