In a groundbreaking move, IIT Hyderabad has introduced a new program that allows students from Humanities and Social Sciences backgrounds to study B.Tech in Computer Science. This initiative aims to expand educational opportunities and empower students to explore new areas of knowledge. Traditionally, students with Arts backgrounds may not have considered Computer Science. However, IIT Hyderabad is breaking that norm by connecting different fields of study. The institute acknowledges the potential in students who have performed well in their 12th-grade exams with Humanities and Social Sciences subjects.

To qualify for this combined degree program, students must demonstrate outstanding academic achievements in their 12th-grade exams. The program includes a B.Tech course in Computer Science and a Master of Science by Research in Computational Natural Sciences (CNS). Aspiring students aiming for the CNS program should have obtained an impressive score of 90% or above in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The minimum requirement for Mathematics is 85%. Additionally, candidates should have studied subjects like History, Political Science, Geography, Economics, English, or Sociology.

The admission process includes assessing students’ board exam results and conducting a comprehensive interview by the admission board. It’s important to mention that Mathematics should be studied with a standard curriculum that covers Calculus, ensuring a solid understanding of the subject. This course offers Arts students a thrilling and intellectually enriching pathway into the realm of Computer Science.

Professor P.J. Narayanan, the esteemed director of IIT Hyderabad, sheds light on the reasoning behind launching this pioneering course. He underscores the importance of graduates in Computer Science who possess the ability to develop systems and tools that are comprehensible to non-technical individuals. This program aims to create a symbiotic relationship between technology and society, wherein future technologists possess a profound understanding of how individuals and communities interact with technological systems.

Mohan Prasad
B Tech IIT Delhi, MBA IIM Lucknow, Founder PracBee
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