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Maintaining a Healthy Life for JEE Preparation

The day of IIT-JEE exam is near, hope you are preparing well for your JEE examination as well as keeping a good health. Having a healthy and fresh set of mind only helps you in gaining top ranks in the IIT-JEE examination. Good health only ensures that you do not miss any days of preparation.

True, JEE is important. Very significant. But it does not require the sacrifice of your mental and physical health?

The answer to that question is a big NO. Whatever be the exam, maintaining a good and fresh mind is the main goal. After all, it’s just an exam and not a matter of life and death. The problem is that sometimes your mind makes it a matter of life and death! It can seem that huge. And this perception is where candidates begin to ignore their health. You see, they sacrifice their health simply by not paying any attention to it.

Life for JEE Preparation: Don’t Overwork on It!

You must understand that the JEE isn’t something which needs studying for 18 hours each day, sacrificing all of your hobbies, or becoming unresponsive to your social life. Many students do all of this. But it’s of utmost importance that you simply give due importance to the lifestyle you develop during JEE Preparation. Remember, this exam isn’t intended to convert students into robots, but to create great future citizens who will set an example for others.

Although I’m not the simplest person to write down on this subject (well, actually nobody is, everyone has a more cramped lifestyle thanks to intense peer pressure). But I can surely tell you ways to form this otherwise very tedious phase of your life well-balanced and filled with fun.

Develop a Hobby

OK, so it’s going to sound very off-track to be talking about developing a hobby during such a crazy time in your life! The common wisdom is that you simply are alleged to bang your head on the books of Physics, Chemistry, and arithmetic for months or years. But at the end of the day, you’ll realize that you simply aren’t a machine. You are not programmed to only solve questions, read books, and do nothing else.

The mind gets exhausted after a couple of hours of such rigorous exercise. Also, it’s of no use to review when your mind isn’t receptive! Meditating and relaxing can increase your concentration in studies. This may be anything you wish, like reading books, playing some quiet game, strolling outside, drawing, painting, or whatever helps you relax and unwind. It’s important to leave space in your schedule for this stuff.

Life for JEE: Give Importance To working out

This is equally important. You may not love it but it’s essential to stay in fine condition. You don’t want to become physically or mentally stressed, obese, or ill at this stage, right? Okay, playing sports might not be everyone’s “thing” but you’ll always choose a morning walk a day, or do some meditation. It will assist you to keep your body fit alongside helping you de-stress from your hectic schedule. The fresh air will calm your mind and permit you to concentrate better.

Don’t Study for the Sake of the Exam

Study to find out a topic, and to know the scientific activities happening all around you. Just cramming facts and formulae into your brain and not understanding the important reason behind them is of little or no use. That’s not what JEE expects out of you, because at the top, after clearing it you’ll need to use these concepts to figure out large-scale problems. Progressing further in your career works far better if you stop cramming stuff, but learn to like exploring the rationale behind particular phenomena.

Enjoy Your Studies

The main factor which will assist you to crack the JEE isn’t studying many books or solving many papers, but your actual interest in the subject. If you think of your studies as a burden then nothing is going to assist you. Eventually, you’ll lose interest in studying, you’ll structure reasons to not study, and can start ignoring your schedule. And that is what you want to happen to you, right?

Remember, JEE isn’t conducted to check your cramming skills. It is conducted to work out whether you’re even curious about the themes you’re studying. That’s the rationale why questions are non-trivial and need divergent thinking. If it were just a test of your brain they might have devised a neater way of accomplishing that goal.

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy

A sound mind resides in a sound body. Unless you’re physically fit, you can’t study well. You can’t afford to lose your precious time on illness at this stage. Although in some cases it’s inevitable, you must always take precautions to stay healthy, especially when it is about food and hygiene.

Include tons of fruits and vegetables in your diet, and check out to avoid any quiet food. Remember the more disciplined you’re about your habits, the higher off you’re than others around you. And discipline includes everything from your studies to your behaviour towards people around you, punctuality, and other habits. Live a disciplined life and you’ll find things good to travel.

So, that’s all. Although this is often not an entire guideline of what to try to do to measure a comparatively stress-free life for JEE preparation, the points mentioned above would prove to be beneficial if followed properly. However, you would like to be under some quiet pressure, being too liberal and careless may backfire. You need to have some sort of push from within to succeed.

But remember, it’s an exam. It is okay if you’ve got sentiments related to it, but don’t spoil your lifestyle and your relations with relatives thanks to this. After all, an exam is an exam–and it’s temporary. Your health and family are permanent. So attempt to ensure a balance between both at every stage and you’ll be much better off by the end of the day. So keep facing, keep learning.

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